Paul Kocialkowski's home page

Currently, I am mostly known to be the lead developer of the Replicant project, a fully free Android distribution running on several devices. I have been using free software since 2008, with a particular emphasis on running fully free systems: I support the ideas behind the GNU project as I am a strong free software advocate.

Outside of free software, I am currently studying at the University, I like fine cheese, enjoy trains and airplanes, read science-fiction books as well as philosophy and like to see all the hands of my watch lined up. I watch all sorts of films (and particularly enjoy Troma movies) as well as series, mostly for entertainment but also for the purpose of improving at English. I listen to various kinds of music but I'm not into any group or musician in particular.


There is a list of projects I contribute to (more or less often):


The most efficient way to contact me is to send me an email at:

GPG/PGP public key

Please find my GPG/PGP public key: 8FEE950C with fingerprint:

01B7 0C5D 940C B63D 5FA6 12C2 84FD C1EA 8FEE 950C



In order to keep the Internet non-centralized, I host most of the services I use on the Internet and generally don't push any personal or non-public data on a third party server.

I currently run two different servers on two separate LANs. The hosts behind are named after the Apollo 11 crew, the others, behind, after famous Soviet astronauts (collins is my laptop and travels back and forth):